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Nowadays, people decide to start their own business more and more often – it helps to become more confident and materially independent from anything or anyone. Besides, the consumer market is developing and provides opportunities, increasing almost every day, while the stories of successful startups keep inspiring the beginners.

If you have serious intentions to get some additional occupation, which is going to turn into your business, think about something you really like or something you are ready to offer your clients. Then, start making money online with Jiji. What can i do to make money in Nigeria!

WHAT IS JIJI is the Nigerian leading classifieds website with 884,417 ads published by users from different corners of the country, and this number continues growing while you are reading the article. Jiji is the platform for C2C and B2C sales. It provides perfect conditions for starting an online business in Nigeria.

Begin with selling things you do not need or do not use (new or used stuff in a good keep) and get a chance to build the career in sales and trade. If you are trying to figure out easiest way of making money in Nigeria, how to make money on the Internet or how to make money in Nigeria from home, you are in the right place.

Get ready for a tour and some short lessons for your future online business.


The majority of suspicious users stop asking questions after they find out that allows making money online in Nigeria without paying money to start.

As you already know, Jiji features 884,417 ads (probably even more now), which is the high indicator of users’ trust. What are the reasons for such rapid development of the service? Everything is simple.

You can make money online with 1000 naira: there is no need to take a loan, make huge investments, or make a business plan for many years ahead.

Jiji is client-oriented service with enough room for your money making ideas.
It is free for use. Whether you are looking for some goods or decide to make money selling stuff, you do it free of charge.

It is allowed to post an unlimited number of ads for free. If you want just to try to make money online in Nigeria, you can post an ad to figure out, how everything works. Years of experience show that you are going to return with more ads and more sales.

The majority of ads are moderated in one hour. This is really good news for users, trying to figure out how to make money online fast. No need to worry that your ad might become outdated when it is posted.

Posting an ad is as easy as 1,2,3. The user-friendly interface helps to do it without any problems even for those, who do not use online classifieds much or see them for the first time.

You have an opportunity to register your own store or company.

Create an online store for free, start small scale business in Nigeria, make money online and introduce your own brand to the wide audience.

Everything is even easier with Jiji App, available for free for Android and iOS smartphones. Now, all the ways to make money online can be within an easy reach.

Check the status of your ads and post new goods with the help of just a few clicks.

Jiji is the chance for best online business to start with no money, just with a little support.

Be serious and responsible about what you do – people will leave good feedback and rate your profile high, attracting even more clients to make deals with such trustworthy seller.
Jiji stands up to fraud.

Scammers also realize the potential of online classifieds and try to involve such services in their “how to get rich” fraud schemes.

However, Jiji’s Support Team and fraud tracking systems together with the constant improvement of user verification process can help you sleep well at night without.

In short, is free, easy, reliable, and convenient service with the perfect background for lucrative business ideas in Nigeria.

If you are going to start a business that moves fast in Nigeria, find time for brainstorming. Here are some small business ideas that can work out in Nigeria.

Virtual consignment store - This is what Jiji suits best for: sell personal things you do not use or find used appliances, electronics, furniture etc to sell them online.

Handmade crafts and sales.

Do not hesitate to present your DIY ideas and results; there are a lot of those, who are ready to buy hand-made jewelry, toys, original clothes, furniture etc.
Online boutique. You are good at fashion? Here is a chance to start the fastest growing business in Nigeria.

Give your countrymates an opportunity to buy things from world famous brands without going anywhere.

Jewelry store. If you know the true value of accessories and realize how much people like beautiful things, this is certainly a great idea for making money on the Internet.

Real estate agency. You do not need to sell any of your properties, just make a use of your communication skills.

Any e-commerce store. Perfumes, stuff for babies, materials for hobbies, sports goods, food and other things for pets, groceries sales business in Nigeria has no limits in terms of ideas.

As you can see, ideas how to make money can be limited only by creativity. Nowadays, you have favorable conditions and background for building the best business in Nigeria.


There are several scenarios of how lucrative business in Nigeria with small capital goes, but online money making and Jiji come as synonyms. Everyone looking for an opportunity to make money fast needs to remember a few steps.

Step 1. Open

Step 2. Register or sign in with Facebook.

Step 3. Press on “+” or “Post Ad FREE Now”.

Step 4. Choose a category to place your item in.

Step 5. Fill in the required information and upload some photos.

Step 6. Wait for buyers to contact you.

Later, you can discover the opportunities of premium services:

promote a single ad, put it at the top of the page permanently, get 10 times more clients, and save 15% minimum.

Boost all ads, make sure they are shown much higher than standard ads, and save up from 10%


Now you know how to make money online in Nigeria – time to check out Jiji Company. After you create your online business, make sure you are doing everything to make it best online business in Nigeria:

Create a store.

Start selling.

Download Jiji App to manage everything effectively.

Grow your business.

Go offline, too.

Profitable business in Nigeria with little capital is not a fantasy – it is online business on Jiji.


If you feel like some things are not clear, go to FAQs or contact Jiji’s Support Team.

Over 200 employees in Nigeria are ready to answer your questions.

Average response time is up to 10 minutes during working hours.

Use Jiji contact form.

Contact Jiji in social networks.

Send an email to

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