Terms Of Use

Ofcourse we know nobody ever reads the terms and conditions on a website until they get in a big mess so you being here simply means you might have lost your money and too bad we don't offer refunds we don't even make alot talkless of offering to pay you back the money you've lost 😪 or you just find this site completely lame that you were curious about what our term of use page looks like 😒.

Well! we are a super fun company so we won't obvious waste our time writting out sh*t you guys won't even read anyways or would we 🤔.

Phsyc* 😂

1. The Chiefhustla will in no way be responsible for any loss of money that happened during the use of our site. 

2. We are not a financial adviser so we won't suggest you believe everything we say 😏 do your own research.

3. Yes! we did say we made some research on the sites we post here but as you know sites do change so sometimes it might not actually be our fault so do your own research again. 

And yes! Number 4 Do Your Own Research!!!!

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